Your Story

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Have you stood up to fight for social or environmental justice? Have you been a part of a political movement? If you have a story  - however big - we'd love to hear it! Either draw, write, or record a response to any of the questions below. If you would like your story illustrated, write 'To be illustrated' in the title of the message, and I'll draw your story.

Alternatively - or if you just want to get in touch, -  email: werenotpowerless    @  

1. What is your 'activism'?

2. Tell a short story that depicts what inspired you to get involved with this issue?

Was there a particular moment, or a particular thing that made you feel like you could not look on from the sidelines any more? Or, if there wasn’t a specific moment, could you turn your motivation into a story of some kind- how did it build, what inspired you? 

3. Tell a story about the moments when you have felt vulnerable/doubtful as a campaigner?

4. In these times how do you stay driven? What drives you to continue fighting? 

Has something that happened that made you continue – or think ‘yes – I’m doing the right thing.

5.  Could you tell a simple story that encapsulates your dream of a future scenario? 

 You don’t have to have a concept of how you want the world to be. A simple example might be:  ‘A woman walks down the street, she is wearing whatever she wants to wear. She does not feel threatened, or harassed. She never has.’

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