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1st August 2015

Feminist activists will fight back today against the wave of media anti-immigrant invective prompted by the continuing crisis in Calais.

Migrants’ troubles are far from over once they reach Britain and all-female group Sisters Uncut members will protest against increasing state violence committed against migrant women seeking safety here.

The organisers anticipate more than 500 women will assemble in Kensington, west London, to protest against the way that migrant women who experience violence are further victimised by racist and sexist immigration policies.

Zara Colbert, a member of Sisters Uncut, said: “On Saturday we are protesting against the anti-migrant propaganda of certain British media outlets which enables racist and sexist Tory policies on immigration. These policies include ‘no recourse to public funds,’ a legal status that essentially prevents migrant women accessing critical state assistance to enable them to leave violent relationships.

“They also include detaining innocent women in ‘immigration removal centres’ such as Yarl’s Wood, where sexual abuse is rampant.”

A further demonstration organised by Movement for Justice for Saturday August 8 will call for the notorious detention centre to be shut down.

The protesters will also seek to highlight that Chancellor George Osborne’s drastic welfare cuts, which include cuts and closures to domestic violence services, are disproportionately affecting migrant women and women from ethnic minorities.

A domestic violence support worker attending the demonstration said: “It is a desperate situation and I have seen first-hand the additional risk migrant women are at, both from the state and abusive men. We have to take action.”

Due to the nature of the action, protesters are asked to meet outside Kensington Central Library at noon and will be given further details from there.


Women In Mexico Rally Against Rampant Domestic Violence

Dozens of women have demonstrated in front of Mexico's Interior Ministry in the capital to protest against domestic violence.

21st July 2015

Congresswomen and activists in Mexico City on Monday lay on the ground imitating a crime scene with chalk outlines around their bodies, while chanting "gender alert in the State of Mexico".

The "gender alert"  was created in the city of Ciudad Juarez after reports of widespread violence against women. The initiative entails new funds to strengthen protection and help for the victims.

The protesers called for the setting up of the "gender alert" mechanism in all municipalities across the State of Mexico, one of the country's 31 states.

UN officials has said Mexico ranks among the world’s 20 worst countries for violence against women.

Newspapers routinely report "crimes of passion" or unidentified female body parts floating in sewage canals.

In the State of Mexico alone, more than 2,300 women have been killed over the last nine years, the National Citizen Femicide Observatory said.

"The State of Mexico is the most violent state for women [in the country]," Congresswoman Xochitl Arzola Vargas, who joined the protesters, was quoted by the AP news agency as saying.

"In Ecatepec district, for example, the figures surpass those that for a long time made Ciudad Juarez, the 'femicide city,' she said.

"We have exceeded those figures by a lot, with nearly three times the number of female deaths."

According to observatory, a coalition of 43 groups that document such crimes, six women are killed every day.

Only 24 percent of the 3,892 femicides the group identified in 2012 and 2013 were investigated by authorities, and only 1.6 percent led to sentencing.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies